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Elvis Presley is the undisputed King of Rock and Roll. Known to the world over by his first name, he is regarded as one of the most important figures of twentieth century popular culture.

As a fashion icon Elvis, of course, was the Lady Gaga of his day, wearing outlandish garb one day and seeing it become street fashion the next. Imagine, before Elvis, a straight guy wearing a pink shirt (he wore many of those), a pink belt, and pink socks. The king wore handmade shirts and casual suits, to his flashy custom-made jewelry and shoes, he was the rock ‘n’ roll royalty dresser to adhere too. Elvis wore his hair long before everyone else thought it was fashionable. As for jeans, Mr. Kern said, “denim reminded Elvis of being poor, so he did not wear denim as an adult.”

He was the master of wearing leather jackets embracing all colours and lets not forget his slick eye-wear.
These styles are now the look of 2014 for men. Not just his music which lives on but also his style does as well.

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